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Below you will find some of the Gtrak features we have developed for this sector and you can be assured that this list will keep growing, as we endeavour to develop solutions that reflect our customer's needs.

Available Options

  • Fast, intuitive and reliable order inputting system.
  • Entry for single glazing, double glazing and triple glazing.
  • Stock item entry for handles and fixings.
  • Sundry order descriptions and prices for Windows and Installation.
  • Wide selection of pricing methods and settings for individual customers by product and process (e.g. m2 Rate, Each, Volume, Discount and Mark-up).
  • Energy surcharge is automatically calculated from glass weight and supports default or individual customer rates.
  • Changes to customer prices and energy surcharge rates can be done instantly with backup and traceability.
  • Order filtering by Customer, Order References, Order Date, Delivery Date and Order Type. Further sorts and moveable columns help to present data for a particular purpose.
  • Easy access to Customer Account, Supplier, Product and Material maintenance screens.
  • Convert a quotation to an order instantly.
  • Order Import and Order Export supports a number of formats from major Window Manufacturing and Glass Processing Software. See our list of EDI Partners for further details. New developments always welcome.
  • Integration with Fax and Email Software. Send Invoices, Quotations, Order Acknowledgements and Order Confirmations directly using fax and/or email.
  • Sales & profit analysis.
  • Quality control analysis.
  • Sales representative performance reports.
  • Colour glass labels - custom designed to promote your business message and brand. All common label stocks supported, including bullet lables.   
  • Custom designed Quotations, Order Confirmations, Retail Receipts, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Price Lists.
  • Document Management System - store and retrieve all business documents directly from Gtrak3 order entry and comprehensive searching option.
  • Custom designed emergency glazing forms, customer satisfaction forms and installation work sheets.
  • Online ordering system – emergency glazing team can place orders directly from site using a tablet or laptop using 3G or 4G technology.
  • Customer and Order Type specific documentation - different layout, colours and logos for supply and fit and supply only. 
  • Link to accounts software, with online credit checking available.
  • Delivery Scheduling - loading lists, driver drop summary, requisition form, additional notes, delivery and loading detailed checking sheets.
  • Installation Scheduling - daily installation view, installation time totals, customer satisfaction sheetsdriver drop summary, requisition form, view and plan for staff holidays, daily task sheets for teams.
  • Gtrak CRM is a central point of access for customer information, orders and price lists. Conversations, notes and files (word, pdf, jpg etc..) can be attached to customers file as a record of past communications.